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Look Stylish In This Summer With Comfortable Jewelry Fashion

Look Stylish In This Summer With Comfortable Jewelry Fashion

Fashion is what you make and the best fashion statements come from who you are. Like clothes and accessories, fashion jewelry to have trends and converting them into trendsetters is the one who wears it.

However, there is a thin line of difference between the two-fashion changes dramatically from year to year (courtesy The Lakme Fashion Week, et al.), but jewelry designs don’t.

It is not practical too because all the designs come with great money and specialized labor and brainstorming.

And guess what, pieces of jewelry too can be seasonal, meaning there are different pieces of jewelry for different seasons- summer, autumn, and winter.

Summer jewelry, for obvious reason, is light and does not need much homework because small chimes and loops and hoops go with almost all floral prints.

Here Are a Few In-Trend Summer Fashion Jewelry:

Hoops Jewelry Fashion:

Hoops Fashion Earrings-9gemThey are a staple in the wardrobe of all women. Not just women, they are a great match for the woman of today in all seasons. However, they accentuate floral dresses more. That’s not all, you can team it up with pieces of denim and crop tops too for more trend.

Lariats Type Jewelry:

Lariats Type Jewelry
Lariats Type Jewelry

Summer means simple. Chunky jewelry is anyways heavy and can get sweaty sometimes. But these super chic designs are not just simple, but they are bound to add a wow factor to your look. Wear a button-down shirt or a high neck sleeveless top and midi skirt, it will not fail your summer trend. Available in various colors, these simple necklaces are the most sought-after these days.

Rings In Layers:

Rings In Layers-9gemMost of the time, we neglect our fingers in order to adorn our neck and the ears. You can either choose to wear multiple layers of rings on one finger or wear them on different fingers. Mix and match vibrant gems to ensure that you have your own unique design and you get noticed even in the crowd.

Having said that, let’s specify a few genres of jewelry that are making a mark in the fashion walks these days:

Statement Earrings:

Statement Earrings-9gemResplendent in chandeliers, flowers, stardusts and more, these earrings make for the best choice of jewelry pieces or the women of the modern ear. Sport it at a party or at the office, these earrings give away your personality in a unique way everywhere.

Pearl Jewelry:

Pearl Jewelry-9gem

Pearlstone used everywhere, from bags to shoes to clothes. However, the classic gem looks forever green as jewelry alone. A small stud or a chandelier or loops, they all make for the best choices during Summer. Pearls mixed with Gold are a classic match and can go with both traditional and western outfits.


Colored Gemstones:

Colour Gemstone-9gemThey never grow old and neither do women’s taste for it in statement pieces of jewelry. Be it a teardrop sapphire or a huge emerald on the finger, gemstones make for the grandest trends during summers. Team multi-layered chains embellished with single gemstones of different colors for that cool summer style.

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