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Importance of Sapphire AS per Astrology

Astrology Benefits of Sapphire

Importance of Sapphire AS per Astrology
Importance of Sapphire AS per Astrology

Introduction of Sapphire :- Sapphires are  well known gemstones.  However very few people know them by their mineral name-corundum. A gemstone quality specimen of corundum with a deep yellow and blue color known as Yellow sapphire and Blue sapphire.

Gemstone’s Importance as Per Astrology:-Gemstones have their own Spiritual Characteristics based on which they have lot of spiritual energy (Shakti). It is better to wear them as per the advice of qualified Astrologer as to when and how. Because if a gemstone is worn at a Wrong time, the wearer may have to suffer its adverse effects.

Blue sapphire As per Astrology:- As per Astrology Blue Sapphire is associated with shani (Saturn Planet). Deity Shani grants a person as per his past karmas. Blue sapphire wears as per the advice of an Astrologer for the kind grace of shani. This Grace gives the wearer the strength to face the difficult situation in life arising from his past Karmas. That to why is Adviseable to wear it when suffering from the harmful position of shani in horoscope.

Some astrological benefits of Blue Sapphire

1.Blue Sapphire gives mental clarity and clears confusion and doubts.

2.Wearing this gemstone during the Sade sati period boosts the energy levels and ups his/her metabolism

3.Blue sapphire blesses the wearer with name, fame, fortune, and money

4.Wearing the Blue Sapphire provides protection against theft teror accident and problems caused due to natural calamities.

5.Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone helps in handling nerve related tensions, neurological disorders etc.

Yellow sapphire As per Astrology:- As per Astrology Yellow sapphire is associated with Guru (Jupiter planet).Guru is symbolic of Knowledge. Hence the vibration of this Planet is Yellow in colour. That is why the vibrations of Guru are attracted to the yellow sapphire in higher percentage. Yellow sapphire gives variety of benefits as per Astrology.

Some Astrological benefits of Yellow sapphire

1.The Pukhraj Stone protects the wearer from evil and provides marital happiness and satisfaction for women especially.

2.If the wearer is a woman, it provides her with a loving and prosperous groom, love, conjugal satisfaction, heirs, and happiness in her marital life.

3.Jupiter, in Hindu culture, has been called Guru (teacher). Therefore, advocates, lawyers and judges, teachers, scholars and writers benefit immensely from it.

4.It is known for providing healing powers in the ailments of the kidneys, mouth, rheumatism, cough and fever.

5.The powers of a yellow sapphire protect its wearer from an accidental death.

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