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How to Start a Tasteful and Professional Jewelry Collection


Who doesn’t want to look great all the time? We all do. But, when it comes to dressing professionally, many of us fashionistas take a back seat. While we may still get some stunning formal clothing to manage to look good at work, even then there are a few things that may get neglected. And one of such things is jewelry.

Many women think that fashion jewelry is only for casual dressing or parties. But wait, that’s not the reality! We can make the best use of jewelry to look our best in the office and stand out from the rest.

Are you wondering how? If so, then let’s help you with some easy and simple jewelry tips that will take boredom away from your professional dress code – after all, the right jewelry can do wonders! Find out how:

Tip #1 – Try the minimalistic look

If you are unsure what to team up with your formal dresses, then give the minimalistic approach a try and start with just 1-2 pieces of jewelry. Wear a dainty gold chain with a small set of earrings, or team up a light-weight and slim bracelet with one of those beautiful gemstone rings that have a classic appeal – and you will never go wrong.

Once you are comfortable wearing jewelry to work, and you feel like you can ace the game, then level up and add a piece more, if needed. But the bottom line should be to avoid going crazy with too many jewelry pieces.

Tip #2 – It’s best to avoid noisy jewelry pieces

Tinkling bracelets, bangles, anklets and earrings may look ravishing, but they are a big no in the office. You don’t want to distract others at work with your noisy jewelry. Isn’t it? So, while you pick some trendy pieces of jewelry to complement your work wear, make sure you avoid clanky ones.

Apart from helping you and others concentrate on work better, simple jewelry that doesn’t make any sound will also add a dash of panache and elegance to your look.

Tip #3 – Also, avoid flashy jewelry

One of the biggest mistakes that women often make while wearing jewelry to the office is that they pick flashy jewelry with lots of bling. That’s a wrong approach. Always remember that you are heading to the office for work, and while jewelry may make you feel confident and complete your look, flashy jewelry may mar your personality.

While wearing engagement rings with precious gemstones is fine, what isn’t is wearing diamond bangles, danglers or gemstone studded watches to the workplace.

So, the next time you take that stunning piece of jewelry out of your collection, keep the setting in mind and choose accordingly. You can keep the bling for parties and weddings – but certainly don’t adorn gaudy jewelry pieces as regular office jewelry, because that’s not where they are meant to be worn.

Tip #4 – Let your jewelry reflect your personality

Standing out from the rest becomes easier with jewelry that talks about you. You can always get simple, personalized pieces of jewelry that tell about your personality.

For example, you can wear gemstones rings, like a gorgeous ruby gemstone ring or a pair of sleek emerald gemstone earrings. Doing so will give people a peek into your taste, and they may get intrigued to know you more.

In fact, wearing gemstone jewelry that is exquisite yet modest will give others an understanding that you take your jewelry collection and your workwear pretty seriously, and you have a fine taste when it comes to styling.

Likewise, wearing a vintage pendant may give a hint about how you value things that are old and have a regard for them. In the end, it’s all about letting people know who you are.

So, you can reveal a bit of that with the jewelry collection you pick. Just choose it wisely and don’t go overboard. Do remember that you want to maintain a professional office look, and simple pieces will always help you do so.

Tip #5 – Go for pearls

There is no denying that pearls are forever. They are classy, they make a minimal state, and they look elegant. In short, they are perfect to be worn in the office. And what’s the best part of these lovely semi-precious stones is that they can even look great at events, conferences and dinner parties.

So, do invest your money in real pearls and get an instant makeover with the right jewelry, whenever you want.

This makes even more sense if you aren’t really a diamond or gold fan. In that case, pearl gemstone can become your best friends as they not only look sophisticated, but they also don’t really attract too much attention – which makes them an ideal companion when it comes to work wear.

Expressing yourself in the workplace is no mean feat. The right combination of attire and jewelry can help you be the confident self you have always wanted to be. And confidence is certainly the key to success as long as you know your work well.

So, now that you know some easy ways to jazz up your office look, give them a try and let the onlookers get envious of your jewelry sense. Be a fashion diva at work, who knows how to look the best from the rest, and who doesn’t deviate from her work goals too. The world is yours to conquer. Let the right jewelry collection help you do that.


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