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How Do I Properly Store My Gemstone?

Have you recently purchased a loose gemstone and worried about how to look after these auspicious tiny pieces so that they do not lose their enchanting properties. So, by keeping your all concerns in mind regarding gemstone storage; we are writing this post especially, for those people who generally unaware and think about how to store my gemstones securely.

Gemstones, largely the loose ones are fragile in nature as compared to the natural gemstone. Along with this, on Mohs scale (a unit to measure the hardness of the stone) some stones score less than 9.0 which indicates that these loose gemstones are soft in nature and easy to scratch or break.

Despite the hardness factor, a gemstone can affected negatively by the surrounding environment like heat, toxic materials etc. So, to ensure the quality of the stone along with its elegant appearance a person should preserve these gemstones intelligently.

Gemstone Storage cases:

To preserve the quality and color of a loose-gemstone from getting influence from heat or other toxic material it should be kept in the gemstone storage case.

The gemstone storage drawers are meant especially for the gemstone storage. The gemstone storage drawers designed with a pullout drawer and display glass which assesses an individual to have a look on the gemstones.

How Do I Properly Store My Gemstones

Jewelry Jars:

It is another option which could probably prove quite efficient to store loose gemstones. In these jewelry jars, soft foam lies at the bottom to protect the gemstone from any scratches or harm and at the top, it covers with glass so that these gemstones are visible to its wearer.

gemstone storage 3

Plastic container with dividers:

The above two methods to store a gemstone may put a slight burden on your pocket. Thus, in order to save money, you may opt for a plastic container in order to store gemstones.

It is the simplest and most convenient way to store the gemstones. Instead of this, plastic container some time damages the colored or loose gemstone; since plastic contains several harmful elements which can spoil color properties of a loose stone.


Parcel Paper organizer:

It is the most efficient way of storing the gemstones. Moreover, this method of storing gems also norm the standard set by the jewelry industry in the case of storing gemstones.

Usually, in this method, every single piece of the gemstone is stored individually in special envelopes. Which are called gemstone parcel paper or diamond paper.

These envelopes are acid-free to help keep stones in top condition while in storage. In order to make it easy to distinguish between different gemstones; the different color of the paper is used. For example, the orange-Yellow colored paper is used for Emerald or Tourmaline

Strong-Yellow: Ruby Gemstone

White: Sapphire

So, these are different ways to store gemstone efficiently without losing their appealing luster and enchanting powers.

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