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Gemstone Jewelry Tips – Jewelry Styles That Work For Office


Dressing for office may get a bit confusing for some. Even when you have donned the right attire and done your make upright, you will still be missing something if the jewelry isn’t perfect.

Jewelry forms an integral part of your office appearance, and you can accessorize yourself with the right gemstone jewelry pieces that can lift up your look instantly.

You can easily accentuate any boring dress and highlight it in the right manner. So here are a few tips that you must try for accessorizing at work:

Tip #1: Rock The Minimalistic Look

Power dressing is one thing and overpowering your outfit is another. Realize the difference between the two and stick to the right type and amount of accessorizing, by staying a little reserved on the bling status. Keep the look elegant and sleek. Adorn a pair of simple ruby or sapphire studs or a small gemstone pendant.

Tip #2: Earrings Can Brighten Any Dull Look

Every woman knows the importance of earrings. But when it comes to office dressing, some may want to skip them altogether. However, remember that wearing the right pair of earrings to your office can easily glam up your appearance. Pick elegant pieces of earrings in different gemstones and change them after every one or two days to portray your jewelry sense.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget Your Hands

Just like earrings are important to add glamour to your office look, so are bracelets and bangles. Get diamond or gold bracelets that have beautiful stones like an emerald gemstone and ruby gemstone and give your hands the attention they deserve.

Tip #4: Prevent Noise Making Jewelry

Noisy jewelry that tinkles and distracts your co-workers is a big no. Make sure you stay away from too many bangles studded with gemstones or even chunky bracelets, for that matter. Focus on the right type of gemstone jewelry pieces, and you will be a style diva, not a noise diva.

Tip #5: Layer It With Style

There is no denying that layering is in these days. You can simply take two thin chains and add a small gemstone pendant on it. You can keep different gemstone pendants and mix and match them as your chosen look for the day.

Similarly, wearing some subtle pieces of gemstone studded rings can add great charm to your office outfit. Just experiment with different types of gemstone jewelry and figure out what works the best for you.

Tip #6: Pearl Jewelry Can Never Go Wrong

When it comes to office jewelry, investing in pearls can never go wrong. The versatility of pearls can complement any outfit with absolute ease.

So, if you are a fan of the sophisticated look, then get a couple of pearl earrings or necklaces to turn a simple dress into an elegant one. Another great thing about pearls is that they can be worn with ethnic wear too.

From a cotton saree to a simple kurta and leggings, any attire can be enhanced with pearl jewelry. But invest your money in natural pearl gemstone so that they last longer and look stunning as well.

Tip #7: Less Jewelry Is More

There are high chances that you end up going overboard with the jewelry in an attempt to stand out from the rest of your co-workers. However, it is important to remember that even less is more when it comes to office jewelry.

Just wear a smile and a good outfit, make your hair right and go for a basic makeup look. When all’s done, you can complete your office dressing with gemstone jewelry that’s not over the top.

At the most, you should wear just three pieces of jewelry to work each day. Alternate between jewelry types to help your look stay fresh and not typical.

Tip #8: Bold Rings Can Do The Trick

If you are someone who likes to be bold and beautiful, then you can even go for bold rings made of natural gemstones that are classy, flawless and exquisite. You can pair these rings with smaller ones that can be worn on the same finger, just above the knuckle. Making a style statement isn’t too difficult after all!


Tip #9: Go Delicate

If you want to stay simple, then pick some delicate pieces of gemstone  and make way for a more appropriate office look. However, care should be exercised when you style yourself with delicate jewelry as they are fragile and can be damaged easily.


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