Emerald Gemstone FAQs

FAQ: Emerald Gemstone

Emerald Gemstone

Q1:- How To Purify & Active Emerald Gemstone (Panna)?

Ans: For Purification and activate the emerald, dip emerald ring in Gangajal or un-boiled milk for 10- 20 min to energize the gem with the prescribed mantra

Q2:– What is the best day to wear emerald gemstone?

Ans: The best day to wear emerald gemstone is Wednesday morning.

Q3:– What is the minimum weight to wear emerald gemstone?

Ans: The minimum weight of emerald gemstone is 3 to 6 carats.

Q4:– On which finger to wear emerald gemstone?

Ans: Emerald is worn on the little finger of the right hand.

Q5:– Which is the best mantra for wearing emerald gemstone?

Ans: The mantra for wearing emerald gemstone is ॐ बू बुद्धाय नम:

Q6:– In which metal to wear emerald gemstone?

Ans: For best result emerald should be worn in gold and if you can not afford gold, you can make it in Punch Dhatu also.

Q7:- What is the best time to wear emerald (Panna)?

Ans: Emerald should be worn between 5 am to 7 am on Shukla Paksha days

Q8:– What are the benefits of wearing emerald gemstone?

Ans: There are so many benefits of wearing emerald gemstone are:
1. Gives health, happiness, and success.
2. Name and fame increase after wearing the emerald gemstone
3. Panna is known to have to have power saving from your enemies. It never harms the person who wears it.
4. Emerald is also beneficial for business. If any person faced losses in business can wear emerald gemstone.
5. Very useful to wear during the major periods of mercury also during the sub-periods of mercury.

Q9:– Some other common names of emerald gemstone?

Ans: Emerald has been called Garoortyat, Haridararatnag Taakshyar, Marakat, Souperna and Soumya.

Q10:– What are the different colors of emerald?

Ans: Emerald is found in light green, dark green, medium green color, deep intense green color.

Q11:– What are the origins of emerald gemstone?

Ans: The origins of an emerald gemstone is Afghanistan, Brazil, Columbia, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Q12:– Which gemstone should not be worn with Panna?

Ans: Pearl and Red Coral stones should not be worn with emerald because their planets are enemies.

Q13: Which emerald stone is best to wear for astrology purpose?

Ans: Zambian, Colombian and Brazilian emeralds are the best for wearing astrology purpose.

Q14: How to identify real emerald gemstones?

Ans: To identify the emerald gemstone follow these simple steps:
1. Check the color of an emerald gemstone
2. Inspect cracks or inclusions.
3. Inspect transparency of Emerald Gemstone
4. Inspect emerald stone with a magnifying glass
5. Check the layers
6. To identify the emerald originality scratches it with a hard material.

Q15: Where to buy Emerald Gemstone?

Ans: Buy Ruby stone from certified Gemstone dealers and those who have authenticity from a Reputed Lab. You can buy natural and certified precious emerald gemstone from the 9Gem.com.

Q16: What is the mineral of emerald gemstone?

Ans: The mineral of an emerald gemstone is Beryl.

Q17:– What is emerald called in Persian?

Ans: In Persian, emerald is known as Jarmurad.

Q18:– What is emerald called in Bengali?

Ans: In Bengali, emerald is known as Paannaa.

Q19:- What is emerald called in Kannada?

Ans: In Sanskrit, emerald is known as Paachichalai

Q20:– What is emerald called in Gujrat?

Ans: In Gujrat, emerald is known as Peeloo

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