Disadvantage Of Wearing Used Gemstone

Disadvantage Of Wearing Used Gemstone, gemstones are popular not only for its exotic color and superb physical properties, but it is highly valuable for its persisting astrological powers that assist its wearer to secure great heights in their lives.

Gemstone hold the great reputation in the field of astrology, astrologers suggest people wear different gemstones as per their affiliation with different planets of the solar system and the planetary positions of these planets in the horoscope of a person.


Thus, on the basis of their planetary positions, gemstones are classified into two parts

Compatible Gemstones:

These are those set of gemstones which shares positive or beneficial effects with the planets and endow positive results in the lives of its wearer when they adopts in the rings, necklace or pendants.

Incompatible Gemstones:

Are set of those gemstones which share malefic or ill relation with planets. They may bring dreadful results for its wearer. Therefore, it suggests that incompatible stone should avoid or ignore.

However, to earn favorable results by wearing the effective gemstones a person must seek consultation of a prominent astrologer who will analyze subtly that whether the particular stone which a person is going to wear will suit him on the basis of analyzing the particular stone on Lagna, planetary position of the planet in the birth chart of an individual, gemstone relation with the planet etc..

A suitable or acknowledged gemstone will bestow superlative results in the life of a person. It may invoke positive effects of the corresponding planet for which gemstone subscribed particularly. If a gemstone suit individual it will offer individual love, health, financial benefits, luck, prosperity, and wealth of short period of time.

What are Used Gemstones & Gemstone Reselling:

Over the years, a new unethical practice has commenced in the field of the gem market. Gemstone reselling means selling used gemstone for astrology and other purposes; however, being the part of gem market we strongly condemn this practice.

Since wearing a used gemstone can prove disastrous for its wearer because a gemstone has a limited or defined time period after that it becomes inactive and become unable to affect its wearer life in a positive way.

The maximum lifetime or duration of any gemstone is 3 to 4 years after that its magical powers deplete. Therefore, a old stone should not  purchase under any circumstances.

Disadvantages of Wearing Used Gemstones:

The legit gem dealers try to dodge their customers by selling them used gemstone. They ignore the fact that astrologers affirm that wearing a used stone can prove quite dangerous for its wearer. The ill-effects of wearing used gemstone.

Thus, while buying a gemstone always prefer that gemstone trader who has a good reputation in the market. And also famous for selling natural gemstone. Also, ask for the gemstone certificate every time you are going to buy a gemstone online or offline from a jeweler.


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