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Cleansing Negative Energies From A Gemstone

Cleansing Negative Energies From A Gemstone.If you think that wearing a natural gemstone is the only response which you have fulfilled to secure your life, then hold on for second and check this blog post carefully.

You must be wondering that what I am talking about? So here we go, it is essential for you to take care of the stone that you are currently wearing to obtain all the benefits which the stone has promised to bequeath.

But for that you should look after your stone, you must have often heard people complaining about that they had recently purchased a stone and it is not worthy or it has stopped showing effects after a specific period of the time. Do you know why it happens? What is the reason behind it?

So here is the answer that gemstone is exceptional they need appropriate attention and care to perform. A person who is wearing a gemstone must clear it on the regular basis to keep its properties alive.

With Sea Salt:

Sea salt is a conventional method of the sterilization of the stone. It is very benevolent to discharge negativity and rejuvenating the healing properties of the stone. It is an immensely popular method of cleaning a gemstone as well as preserving the healing energy of the stone and eliminating negativity from the stone.

In the process of clearing a gemstone with sea salt, a teaspoon of sea salt is mixed with cold water in the ceramic glass. To find effective result don’t use plastic or other material to contain the stone instead of that use only ceramic glass. Put the gemstone in the glass for overnight to absorb the material in order to perform the task.

However, in case of dry sea salt, bury the gemstone in the sea salt and keep it there sometimes it takes a long time as compared to the above method to absorb the negative energy from the stone. Probably, the above method is regarded to be the best as compare to this one.

Placing the Gemstone in the Moonlight:

Well, this is another method to clean the gemstone, but it is a tricky one isn’t it? However, in this method gemstone is place in the full moon which aid in removing all the negativity and intensify the stone healing energy.

But, personally, I do not recommend this method because placing your gemstone in the light of either sun or moon can be a cause of internal fracture in the stone or the color of the stone also fades away.


Other Methods:

Apart from the above method, one can try to bury the stone in the herbs to channelize its potential energy and dispel all the negativity from the stone. The recommended herbs are the rose, myrrh, petal sage etc.

To clear your stone, it can be place under the earth, make sure while doing this keeps the face of the stone down to discharge its negative energy from the stone.

Another interesting and easy way of cleaning a stone is to hold a burning cedar stick. It passes your stone through its smoke. It will preserve the healing energy of your stone.

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  1. how long should you keep the stone under the ground? does it matter what kind of soil you have in the yard, will the clay soil be ok?

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