Cat’s Eye Gemstone For Career Success

Cats Eye Gemstone For Career Success

One of the chief objectives of astrology and gem therapy is to bring social respect and financial stability for the native by the means of improving his career. Each of the nine planets has its own impact on the business and career of the native and malefic placement of planets can bring problems and obstacles for him. Cats Eye Gemstone is the gemstone of planet Ketu. It overcome the negative impact of ill-placed Ketu in the horoscope of the native.

Gemstones related to the planets can be worn for the purpose of combating these problems in business or career. Cats eye or Lehsuniya is a gemstone of Chrysoberyl family and is characterized by a strong resemblance to the eyes of a cat, owing to its luster and shine. For understanding the real benefit of the lustrous cat’s eye stone, we will have to study how the planet Ketu influences our lives and career.

Impact on Ketu on Business and Career

Positive Career Benefits of Wearing a Cats Eye Stone

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