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Case Study: How 9Gem Help Satinder To Overcome Stock Market Loss

This is the story of Satinder Singh, who resides in Navi Mumbai. He is a 32-year-old stock market trader. He has a joint family, including his parents, his wife, and two children.

Satinder started investing in the stock market from his early age. And, soon, due to his intense hard work and with the earned good amount of profit and in the stock market.

Even during the recession, he minted a huge sum of money. Satinder accomplished all his dreams with the help of this money, purchased a two Bhk flat and enrolled his younger brothers for higher education in a reputed college.

His life has been moving smoothly until last year; when everything changed suddenly. Last year, he met with the huge loss as all the companies in which he had invested money or purchased shares of incurring huge loss.

All his savings from last 1 year lost as well as he met with debt in this share market fall.

Thus, all of these sudden events had affected his life adversely. He was in debt and only hoping to overcome this situation, nonetheless, the more was trying to get out of this situation the more he found himself in it.

Finally, one day he talked to one of his friend Prateek also a trader in the stock market and faced the similar situation a few years back. Prateek told him that in this tough time he should not lose confidence and have faith in himself.

Overcome his Situation Using Hessonite :

Meanwhile, he suggested him to wear hessonite gemstone since this stone assisted Prateek in a big way to sail through that tough time. So, he also suggested Satinder adopt this gemstone. Since Satinder also believes in astrology and search for the hessonite stone online and its wearing benefits.

After checking many blogs he reached to 9Gem blog. After reading blog he was so impressed so he contacted us over the mentioned phone number. Satinder shared his grievance with our representative who patiently listens to his problem and understanding the seriousness of the issue asked him to share his birth details with us.

After seriously analyzing his birth details our astrologer who has more than 10 years of experience came to the conclusion that Satinder is facing all this trouble in his life as Rahu is being situated in the negative houses in his birth chart. Thus, it is solely responsible for the problems which are being created in his life.

Subsequently, after analyzing his reports our astrologers called him and asked him to wear hessonite gemstone which will assist him to overcome this hard time.

Since Satinder had already worn this stone so he did not show any enthusiasm for wearing this stone. Although, our astrologers told him that hessonite gemstone is an auspicious gem. Which has to be worn only after seeking the advice of an astrologer.


Best Online Store :

Besides this, one should only wear a natural hessonite or certified Gomedh stone to ensure positive results in his life. Then representative helped him to buy a natural hessonite gemstone with an original certificate from its online gem store. And, properly disclosed to him the method and Pooja of wearing Hessonite gemstone.

Fortunately, after wearing this stone for 3 months now things have started changing gradually for Satinder. As he is again started making the profit from his shares and able to compensate all his debts.

Moreover, all his mental tension has flown away. He is feeling confident and encourage to combat any obstacles in his way.

Satinder is grateful to us and appreciated our endeavor. However, believes that it is his duty to help every person who associates with it.

Therefore, keeping that intention in our mind, we have been sharing this story with you. So that if anyone of you facing such type of trouble. We will try our level best to help you out in any situation like a true friend.

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  1. sir
    my namr is amaresh varad my DOB-05-09-1968 iam suffering in buissiness since 2000 plz advise me to overcome all problems

    1. You can contact us by using number +91-9216116688. Talk to our expert astrologer and he will guide you toward solution.

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