Blue Sapphire

Comprehensive Information About Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Comprehensive Information About Blue Sapphire Gemstone
Comprehensive Information About Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue sapphire is one of the most brilliant and fascinating astrological gemstones among them all. Basically, It associates with the powerful astrological planet Saturn or Shani and invoke the positive benefits linked to this planet. This stone comes in alluring shades of blue and brings numerous benefits to the wearer.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Stone

  1. Blue sapphire is a curative gemstone with an array of health benefits. It brings peace of mind and improves physical health at the same time. Some of the diseases which can be combated with blue sapphire are infertility in women, depression, anxiety, deafness, and baldness. It brings clarity of thoughts and makes a person intuitive.
  2. Blue sapphire stone associates with instant results, which can bring the sudden and unexpected boom in the business of the wearer. It can also unlock doors to new opportunities in the professional career of the native. It helps the wearer overcome financial hurdles and bring stability in life.
  3. This gemstone is the bearer of love, fidelity, and commitment, which helps it to improve romantic relationships of the wearer. It promotes mental balance and peace, which is prerequisite of lasting relationships.
  4. Wearing a blue sapphire protects one from the terrors of accidents and other travel dangers and problems.
  5. A person can become disciplined and hard working with the help of the mystical blue sapphire stone. It believes as the wisdom stone and strengthens the intellect of the wearer.

Properties of Blue Sapphire

A good quality blue sapphire gemstone has a deep blue color, with a hint of violet. Another property which points towards its quality is pleochroism, implying that the color of the stone varies from different angles.

Myths Regarding Blue Sapphire

The general belief regarding blue sapphire stone is that it needs to test for a period of three days, before  wearing for good. If the wearer gets bad dreams or experiences some negative effects during the testing period, he should not wear the stone.

Zodiac and Dates for which Blue Sapphire is Suitable

Blue sapphire is the gemstone for month of September and brings luck to those born under number 8, which is the number of Saturn. People born on 8th, 17th, and 26th dates can derive its benefits. It is suitable for zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn.

Comparison between Natural and Treated Blue Sapphire

The best quality blue sapphire stones, which are considered ideal from the astrological point of view, are natural, untreated ones. Rutile, needle or fiber-like, inclusions are an integral part of such a gemstone, while heat treatment or diffusion treatment can enhance the stone color, but at the same time, can dissolve these inclusions.

Benefits of Certification

It is consider beneficial to purchase a certified blue sapphire stone, as it is going to be a genuine stone, with good quality. For this purpose, you should approach a trusted and reliable seller of gemstones.


Related Information

As a gemstone, blue sapphire is recommended to be wear in a ring or pendant. It brings very sudden results for the wearer, which makes it an extremely powerful gemstone.

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