Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire

Six Important Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire

Governed by the mighty Lord Saturn, blue sapphire or Neelam gemstone is one of the strongest and fastest-acting gemstones. This powerful stone can flourish or destroy the wearer’s life. Therefore, one must wear a blue sapphire only after consulting an expert astrologer. Blue sapphire should be adorned in the right way, and at the right time.

When it comes to the benefits of wearing blue sapphire gemstones, there are many of them.

1 – Bestow good luck and wealth

One of the significant reasons for choosing a blue sapphire is its immense power to bless a wearer with financial prosperity. Although one still needs to work hard to gain financial success, when you wear this gemstone, the work gets guided, and luck will be with you at all times. Success and wealth will be in abundance.

2 – Bring fame and fortune

Blue sapphire has the power to remove misfortunes by rewarding the wearer with abundant opportunities on the business and professional front and thus bringing fame and fortune. It empowers and encourages the wearer to fulfill their dreams and gain popularity. People who belong to the creative domain like dance, singing, painting, drama, cinematography, music, etc. get benefited from wearing Neelam gemstones.

3 – Emotional stability

Stress and emotional insecurities are the gravest emotional baggage. These mental burdens often drag a person down in every aspect of life. In such a case, wearing a blue sapphire can help align your inner self with higher dominions and realms. It helps you develop self-confidence and empowers you to deal with life challenges. The stone enables you to handle all kinds of emotional imbalance and psychic tension.

4 – Mental healer

Consider wearing blue sapphire if you lack conviction and decision-making skills. As it is a human tendency to get swayed by others’ opinions, Neelam helps you hold strong decision-making power on your own. The gemstone will bring clarity to your life when you struggle with conflicting thoughts and feelings.

5 – Protect from the evil eye

Due to its protective nature, blue sapphire acts like a safeguard wall to keep enemies away and all evils at bay. Once you are advised to wear a Neelam stone, it will protect you not only from enemies but from your bad thoughts, evil acts, jealousy, natural calamities, and many more severe situations. This blue gemstone bears the potential to nullify the malefic effects on the wearer’s life. It creates an aura of protection around its wearers and strives for them to stay focused on their life goals.

6 – Chakra healer:

The powerful healing properties of blue sapphire are known to evoke and stimulate the energies of our vital chakras. It aligns the chakras and stimulates the third eye or Brow chakra, which is connected with our thoughts, ideas, and perception.

An unbalanced Brow chakra causes havoc in our inner communication system, leading us to unnecessary disputes with people around us. However, wearing a blue sapphire helps seamlessly align the Brow chakra with other chakras, thus, enabling you to experience the world from a new viewpoint. The stone broadens the scope of your mind, enhances awareness of your vision, and brings balance to your life judgments.

The stone is known to open up the Ajna chakkra and help build imagination and creative abilities. It balances the Crown chakra, thereby balancing the cosmic energies.


Blue sapphire should be worn after consulting a reputable astrologer once he does a thorough analysis and check. As Lord Saturn is the Lord of perseverance and patience, the wearer must follow the discipline associated with the stone to obtain maximum benefits.

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