Gemstones For Cancer

Cancer is the zodiac sign of individuals born between June 21 and July 20. Some of the positive qualities associated with this sun sign are patience, compassion, tenacity and emotional sensitivity.

On the other hand, these people may suffer from mood swings and be over emotional at times. This is a water sign, which is represented by the Crab and is ruled by the planet Moon.

Certain gemstones can be worn by the natives of different signs of the zodiac, for the purpose of enhancing the strengths of their personalities in addition to reducing the weaknesses.

Both the Western as well as Vedic systems of astrology take into account some parameters to determine which gemstone is suitable for a particular sign of the zodiac. Here, we will discuss the recommended stones for Cancer zodiac sign as per both these astrological systems.

Western Astrology and Gemstone for Cancer

Western astrology is based on the principle that a gemstone for a particular zodiac sign should be such that it should be able to transmit the cosmic energies of the planet related to the sign to the physical body of the wearer. It also correlates the gemstone to the lucky color of that particular sign of the zodiac.

Since Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, the stones considered to be most auspicious for descendants of this particular sign are Moonstone, Emerald, Amber, and Aventine, as per the Western system of astrology.

Also, these stones bear a relation with lucky colors for the zodiac sign Cancer, which are green and silver. They may also wear pearl, opal, jade, carnelian and olivine for best results, both for their personalities as well as overall well being.

Vedic Astrology and Gemstone for Cancer

While Western astrology follows the principle of generalization, recommending same stones for people born in the period covered by a particular sign of the zodiac, Vedic astrology is far more specific, treating each person as a distinct individual, with a different set of qualities.

This seems logical too, as it is hard to imagine two people born at the same point in time in two different places, to have the same kinds of personalities and fates.

Even twins, who may have taken birth at the difference of just a few minutes, are not likely to be the same in terms of nature and fate. Then how can millions of people around the world, who are born within the period of the zodiac, be categorized under one category and recommended the same stone?

As a result, Vedic astrologers believe that before wearing a gemstone, every person should have his horoscope examined properly to check out whether the stone will be suitable for him, and not bring any kind of negative influences on his life.

Hence, if you are planning to spend money on buying a gemstone, do not go for one straightaway on the basis of your zodiac sign.

Instead, submit your date, time and place of birth at a reliable website such as and wear a stone recommended by an expert astrologer.

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