Gemstones For Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which covers the people born between March 21 and April 20. Represented by the Ram, Aries personalities carry the traits of confidence, generosity, enthusiasm, energy, self-reliance, and independence.

The negative aspects of these personalities are over aggression, haste, rashness, and impetuousness. Aries is a fiery sign, which represents a spark in these people.

The natives are made to wear certain gemstones under different astrology systems so that these give benefits to them. Each of the astrological systems uses certain parameters to determine which stone should be suitable for a particular zodiac sign.

Here, we will try to evaluate the gemstones for Aries in accordance with various astrological systems.

Gemstones for Aries according to Western Astrology

According to Western astrology, each gemstone has the ability to conduct the energies of a particular sign or planet, with which it is associated.

The suitability of stones for zodiac signs is based on this correspondence of gemstones and zodiac signs, and one sign may correspond with multiple stones.

Aries people are likely to derive astrological benefits from blood-stone, as it is the traditional birthstone for the month of March, according to Western Astrology.

This stone is known to enhance strength and courage in the wearer. Similarly, diamond is the traditional birthstone for the month of April, which is believed to bring victory and luck in war.

Jasper, red jasper and topaz are other lucky stones for Aries natives, in addition to ruby, fire agate, carnelian, pink tourmaline, garnet, citrine, and aquamarine. Most of the Aries gemstones are red in color as red is considered the lucky color for Aries zodiac sign in Western Astrology.

Gemstones for Aries according to Vedic Astrology

The ancient Indian science of astrology, revered as the Vedic Astrology (as it is based on the sacred ancient texts called the Vedas) is far more precise as compared to Western Astrology.

Western Astrology is highly generalized, as it categorizes all individuals born within a period of time into a single zodiac sign, as people born between March 21 and April 20 are Aries personalities.

They are considered to have similar personality traits and have the same lucky gemstone. But, as per Vedic astrology, each person differs in personality and characteristics, depending upon the date and time of birth.

Perhaps, there is a logic behind this belief too, as a pair of twins, born with a difference of a few minutes, can have a different set of personality traits and also different fates.

No two people in the world are the same, even if born on the same date and same time, as the place of birth can also make a big difference.

Therefore, Vedic Astrology recommends no particular gemstone for Aries, or for that matter, any other sign of the zodiac, but suggests that a person should get his natal chart assessed by an expert astrologer. Such a person can recommend the best gemstone for you, depending upon your birth date, time and place.

It is definitely wiser to find a customized gemstone for Aries, before picking up a random stone on the basis of a generalized recommendation. For this purpose, you can click here to get your Birthstone Report.



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