White Sapphire

Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Natural White Sapphire

Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Natural White Sapphire
Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Natural White Sapphire

White Sapphire & Astrology

White Sapphire is a very important gemstone that can be worn by people who are governed by Venus. If you are born on the months that are ruled by Shukra or Venus, you can definitely wear the Natural White Sapphire gemstone to reap all the benefits that are traditionally ascribed to Diamond.

For this reason, white sapphire  regarded as uparatna to Diamond. If you think you can’t afford to buy a diamond, you can definitely get a white sapphire gemstone to improve your fortunes.

The Vedic Astrology describes the close association White Sapphire precious gemstone has with the energy system or chakra system in our human body. The White Sapphire gemstone stimulates crown chakra or sahashara chakra of the body.

This chakra can connect us with the larger universal consciousness and thus attune our earthly body with greater cosmic frequency. Since white sapphire gemstone vibrates to the energies of planet Venus, the gemstone helps to remove all malefic effects. The gemstone can bestow a really positive influence on the wearer, helping in achieving wealth, love and material fortunes.


The Major Benefits Of  Wearing The Natural White Sapphire GemStone.

Since the white sapphire gemstone associated with the planet Venus, wearing this gemstone can actually inculcate an artistic temperament in the wearer. It can also enhance a person’s sense of creativity and imagination.

The white sapphire  can ensure complete happiness and bliss in a marriage.

It is ideal for people who involved in various industries like beauty and fashion, travel and tourism, hospitality import and export and different kinds of artistic endeavors.

This Gemstone is useful for getting rid of negative energy and depressive, negative thinking. Wearing the white sapphire gemstone can help in bringing immense peace, joy and calmness.

The white sapphire gemstone can have a positive effect on the functioning of the reproductive organs. It can also help in the medical treatment and healing of venereal diseases. People experiencing problems in getting pregnant and having a child can wear a white sapphire gemstone to conceive successfully.


    Benefits of White Sapphire :

• The Venus energy that is associated with white sapphire can infuse a strong sense of warmth, affection and love in all relationships and ensure happiness and success.

• People suffering from low self-esteem and confidence issues can benefit immensely from wearing the white sapphire gemstone. By removing psychological complexes and fears, this gemstone can help people to deal with the challenges of life in a better way.

• This gemstone can also offer protection against hexing, evil eye and negative spells.

• Wearing the white sapphire gemstone can make a person attractive towards the opposite sex. It helps to enhance physical beauty and improve the aura of a person which naturally makes him or her attractive.

White Sapphire gemstone protects a person from bad relationships and enables him or her to get out of abusive relationships quickly. It can also resolve signs of trauma in a relationship.

• The gemstone can help in bringing positive dreams and get rid of nightmares. This can help a person to have peaceful sleep throughout the night.

• The White Sapphire gemstone also brings a lot of charm to a wearer and improves communication skills. While Mercury can improve general skills of communication, Venus can add beauty, charm and appeal to any person’s communication style. This can help in both professional and personal lives.



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