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Case Study: How 9Gem Help Astrologer To Get Quality Stones For His Customers


Hi, Myself Rajesh Sharma and I am an astrologer. I am based in Haryana and have been in this field for more than fifteen years. I am a gold medalist in astrology. and studies about quality stones.

Therefore, over the years, I have earned huge name & fame around Haryana in the case of quality stones. In my fifteen years of astrology career, I have always tried my best to resolve the sorrows & conflicts of my customers.

I did not choose this field to earn lump sum money, although, I have opted for this area to assist people who have been facing numerous problems in their life due to the wrong positioning of planets in their horoscope or birth chart.

And, since the beginning of my career, I had decided that I would help them in every possible way to diminish their sorrows caused due to astrological reasons.

Where Problem Starts:

However, a few years back, this dream of mine had started fading when several customers came complaining to me that my remedies to astrological problems did not bring any positive changes in their lives. My customers had started doubting my capabilities as an astrologer.

And my reputation as an astrologer also declined. I was on the verge of breakdown not because; I was not getting sufficient work to run my house, but, because of people apprehensions on my ability. Moreover, I felt agitated because I could not help them.

However, after evaluating my performance as an astrologer, I found that I am reading their birth chart correctly and suggesting to them the correct remedies as well as quality stones then where am I failing?

Understanding The Problem

After rigorous brainstorming, I came to a conclusion that often my customers used to complain me that gemstones which I used to suggest them to appease a particular planet do not work for their well-being.

So, it apparently meant that as an astrologer, I was doing right calculations, but, my customers were not getting any promising results because they failed to manage an effective gemstone which is astrologically capable.

Therefore, from that day onwards, I decided that I would personally suggest them a legit gem seller who can supply them natural & authentic stones.

Initially, it was extremely hard for me to spot an authentic gem seller online, most of the gem sellers whom I was contacting most of them were offering cheap stones at high rates.

Initially, I trusted Jaipur gem dealers since it is considered to be the hub of gemstones in Asia. So, I presumed that I would obtain rich quality gems from there; however, all my hopes washed away when I kept hearing the same complaints from my followers.

Finding New Authentic Gem Source For Customers

I had lost all my hopes that I would never be able to find a reliable gem source online. Nevertheless, a blessing in disguise happened one day when I was completely let down by the online gem sellers.

I was browsing on the internet for best natural certified gemstone seller, and there I saw one search result that caught my attention. It was, claiming that they offer natural & certified gemstones at the best reasonable wholesale price for astrologers.

Since I had been dumped by several rich quality gem wholesalers in the past, so, initially, I was reluctant to contact them. However, later on, I thought, I should give them a try. And, I called them on their given number. Their representatives were seemed quite genuine and polite to me.

They were quite confident about the quality of their gemstones. And convinced me that I would get the same product which I would order and quality of the gemstone would be first class.

At first, I did not count on them, but, they did not force me to buy their product. They didn’t asked me to go through their products. And asked me to order only if I developed faith in them. I was impressed with their words and ordered one pukhraj, one lehsunia, two gomed and one neelam stone for checking.

I provided the gemstones to my customers to wear that stone and checked the results. And guess what no one came complaining and contrary to this they got benefited.

This enhanced my faith in the company, and I enrolled in their dealership program which helped me to earn a special discount from the company at the same time blessing from my customers.

Benefits I Get From Dealership:

Natural & Certified Gemstones: All gemstones are being tested and certified before placing on the shop. So, you should not worry about the authenticity. Moreover, you also get to see the live certificate with quality stones.

What You See is What You Get: You would get the same product which you have ordered.

24*7 Customer Support: The company provides 24*7 online customer support. So, if you have any question you can pose to the representative.

Easy Return Policy: The seven-day return policy of the company is quite transparent which allure everyone.
Astrological feasible stones: All gemstones are astrologically feasible stones. So as an astrologer, you would help your customers.

Earn up to 20% Discount on Dealership: This is one of the best referral programs where you would make a high profit. As an astrologer, you need to refer your customers On each buying offer you commission up to 20%.


Note: This article is received from one of our dealers (astrologer) as a testimonial for the We feel glad to re-post this testimonial as a case study to all of the astrologers who are looking for the similar help.

Visit our online store at WWW.9GEM.COM and enroll our dealership program to gain more benefits.

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