9gem | Divine nine gemstones for a blessed and auspicious Navratri


Significance of  Navratri

9gem | Divine nine gemstones for a blessed and auspicious Navratri. Navratri  is the most significant Hindu Festivals which Literally means ‘nine nights’ that will be observe from October 7th this year. In this Festival People worship Goddess  Durga . She is a symbol of power. Nine avtars of goddess durga  or shakti , also call as Navdurga,is worship on each day of Navratri. This auspicious occasion will last till October 15th.

The nine auspicious days are back again.Navratri marks the victory of good over evil, the power of truth and most important restore our faith in the fact that it doesn’t matter how dark the time may come, victory will always be on the right side.

The nine planet have great influence on our  karma as the cosmic rays of the universe direct us to do and act in particular way. We are manage our planetary positions and the impact of planets can be control with the force of wearing the right gemstone in the correct manner on a favorable day. And what days could be more auspicious that those of  Navratri . Wear  a gemstone on these days and bring peace, prosperity and happiness to your life.

On each day of navratri, a special color is wear this is dedicate to a goddess and holds special significance. In Addition to this ,wearing navratna gemstones during this festive season can amplify the spiritual benefits all the more. The valuable nine navratna share a blessed association with the nine appearance of Maa  Durga that can assist with retaining the astronomical energies from the planets during Navratri.

Here is a complete guide telling you in detail which gemstone you should adorn which day of this navratri for a happy and prosperous life .

1st Day

The first avatar of devi is Maa Shailputri . She is the goddess of the mountains,is worship on day of navratri. She is the rebirth of Maa Sati, Wife of Lord Shiva and daughter of king Daksha. Colour Orange is dedicate to the goddess Shaiputri which stand  for warmth and exuberance. Orange colour brings positive energy.

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As per astrological beliefs, Wearing Ruby or manik  gemstone on this day brings the wearer power, prosperity and peace in life. Ruby being a gemstone related to the sun, it absorbs the power and positive energies of the sun. Apart from that, it is also useful in curing various diseases like tuberculosis, ulcer, constipation etc. This Navratri  lets the power of the ruby stone increase your status and make your life full of happiness.

2nd Day

Maa  Brahmacharini Devi is the second avtar of goddess  shakti. Mata Brahmacharini wears a white dress and has a rosary in her right hand and kamandala in her left hand. Wearing Yellow sapphire on the auspicious  occasion of Navratri can help the wearer imbibe in the blessings. Yellow sapphire is also recognize to bring prosperity, Knowledge and good luck in the life of a wearer.

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3rd Day

Maa  Chandraghanta is worship on the third day of navratri. On this day people wear Red, the color that signifies beauty and fearlessness. Chandraghanta ,who rewarded people with her bravery ,grace and courage. All this can be further amplified by wearing a garnet or gomed  gemstone.It protect the wearer from the negative vibes & energies and bless with happiness.


4th Day

Maa Kushmanda is worship on the fourth day of Navratri. Kushmanda has eight hand and thus is also recognize as Astabhuja Devi.The energy exhibit Kushmanda can be avail energizing White Sapphire or Diamond.


5th Day

Maa Skandmata’s, one of the Navadurga is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri.She is also call as the mother of Lord Kartikey or Skanda. Give the devotees power, prosperity and wisdom. All of this can be further amplified by wearing red coral (moonga) on this day. This gemstone reduces the evil effects of Mars in its horoscope and provides the wearer with immense courage and vitality to overcome any obstacle.

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6th Day

Hindus worship Goddess Katyani on this day and she is seen as the slayer of tyrannical demon Mahisasura. Wearing Emerald on the auspicious  occasion of Navratri can help the wearer imbibe withinside the blessing of Maa Katyani, the 6th manifestation of Devi Durga. These capabilities may be accomplished with the aid of using sporting an emerald or panna gemstone.It related to planet mercury which corresponds to wealth,energy and intellect.

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7th Day

Hindus Worship Goddess Kalratri on this day.The goddess is believed to be the destroyer of all demons,negative energies,evil spirits and ghosts.She is believed  to make her devotees fearless and free from all negative energies. The color of day 7 of Navratri is Royal Blue. It presides over the blue sapphire or neelam that share the same features by bringing immense wealth,good health and prosperity.


8th Day

The eight day is dedicate to maa Mahagauri who has the power to fulfill all the desires of her devotees. Day eight of Navratri is the day of Kanjak.She is a meditation goddess, who gives freedom from krodh and gives peace.Both of these features which can be achieve by wearing a white pearl aka Suchamoti.This gemstone endows the wearer with calmness and improves thinking capacity.

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9th Day

Day Nine is the last day of Navratri  festival. The day is call as Navami. The last among the nine forms of Devi durga is Maa Siddhidatri. She can make all the dreams come true and help cross the ocean of miseries in life. This Presides over the cat’seye gemstone that can wear on this day To extend the blessings. It makes one brave and decreases the malefic results of the of ‘Ketu’ Planet.

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