9gem | Why People want to wear gemstones

Why People wants to wear gemstones
Why People wants to wear gemstones

It comes to everyone minds what is gemstones ?  So first of all we give brief introduction on gemstones and after that we will discuss why people wear gemstone or why they prefer gemstones ?

What is gemstone?

Gemstones are extremely valuable and powerful stones that are worn to protect against evil. They have therapeutic and medicinal properties that shield us from planet’s negative effects. They are known to increase our body’s spiritual force, keeping us joyful and healthy.

The subtle energy is protected by gemstones. When a gem is worn, for example, it generates power through vibrations that are absorbed by the individual’s internal aura, allowing the aura to resist negative outer vibrations from external sources.

 Why do people wear gemstones?

Many of us would reject gemstones as simply another astrology gimmick, but that doesn’t change the reality that millions of people around the world wear them. Wearing them has to be based on some truth and reasoning. So, in this blog, we’ll look at some of the scientific and practical reasons why individuals or you should use gemstones to improve your life.

It’s vital to understand why people wear gemstones. Each of these jewels is linked to one or more planets according to astrology. So, whatever planet is weakest in your birth chart determines which gemstone you must wear.

In some ways, it functions as a treatment for life’s numerous ailments. Gemstones help you achieve balance and excellent vibes in whichever area you want to improve. Similarly, just as a bad drug might have side effects or have no effect at all, stones can do the same.So, always wear gemstones according to astrologer’s advice.

Benefits of Wearing Gemstones

1. Gemstones can aid in improving your concentration and connecting you to your inner self. Gemstones are not tied to a specific religion, and anyone can get benefit from them.

2. Some gemstones are believed to have natural therapeutic properties. They have the ability to make you feel good.

3. Many gemstones are recommended for specific purposes. Many people experience challenges in accomplishing their life goals, and gemstones can be the catalyst for positive change.

4. Gemstone jewelry is eternal and will endure a lifetime. You can also use the gemstone as a piece of jewelry on a daily basis. This would benefit you spiritually as much as physically..

5. In our daily lives, there were some advantages to wearing gemstones recommended by reputable astrologers.Make sure you do not try any stone with incomplete knowledge about its pros and cons.

Nine Precious Gemstone

1 Yellow Sapphire Gemstone : Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is also known as Pukhraj Stone in hindi, The planet of Jupiter.

2 Blue Sapphire Gemstone : Blue Sapphire Gemstone is also known as Neelam Stone in hindi, The planet of Saturn.

3 Red Coral Gemstone : Reed Coral Gemstone is also known as moonga stone in hindi, The planet of Mars.

4 Emerald Gemstone  : Emerald Gemstone is also known as Panna stone in hindi, The planet of Mercury.

5 Ruby Gemstone : Ruby Gemstone is also known as Manik stone in hindi, The planet of Sun.

6 Pearl Gemstone : Pearl Gemstone is also known as moti Stone in hindi, the planet of moon.

7 Hessonite Gemstone :  Hessonite Gemstone is also known as Gomed Stone in hindi, The planet of Rahu.

8 Cat’s Eye Gemstone : Cat’s Eye Gemstone is also known as Lahsuniya Stone in hindi, The planet of ketu planet.

9 Diamond :  Diamond is also known as Heera in hindi, The planet of Venus.

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