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9Gem.Com Has Initiated Dealership Program To Earn Extra Bucks


9Gem.Com Has Initiated Dealership Program To Earn Extra Bucks, On the successful completion of its four years in the field of online gemstone business; has initiated its best gemstone dealership program. Being in the field of online gemstone business for a long time, is now intended to expand its horizons.

The reason behind dispensing its horizons is because of the consistent rise in the demand for gemstones and reduction in the supply that has altogether created a great gap between demand and supply of natural certified gemstones.

Therefore, Being in the market of natural gemstones; is conscious about in and outs of gemstone market and in order to accomplish the demands of natural gemstones.

It has come up with the idea of dealership wherein, the company will offer its gemstone dealership to those individuals in the different regions of the world who have the serious intent of working with us for part-time to earn some money. has initiated this program not only with the intent of minting money, whereas, its determination and goal is to provide natural certified gemstone in every corner of the world. The company has one of the largest inventory comprising of more than 20,000 plus online gemstone products.

Therefore, it is in the situation to replenish the gap that has arisen between demand and supply of gemstones to jewelry designers, jewelers, jewelry manufacturers, gemstone collectors, fashion designers, and astrologers all over the world.

Besides the above-mentioned reason., there are other reasons as well that has compelled to commence this gemstone dealership program in place.

Lack of knowledge of jewelry shops to buy and sell gemstones:

There are only a few legit and experience jewelry seller or gemstone seller on the market. Generally, most of the jewelry or gemstone seller sells customer synthetic gemstones and fake gemstones. Furthermore, they are also not conscious about the properties and proper uses of the gemstones.

Limited Stock:

Unlike that have large inventories comprising 20000+ different varieties of natural gemstones. Most of the gem selling companies have maintained limited stocks of the gemstones.

Customers and gem lovers won’t get a chance to experiment and explore with gemstones. Hence, unfortunately, they have to select a gemstone for purchase from the scarce available resources.

Lack of Certification Authenticity of Gemstones:

Certification means the subtle evaluation of the gemstone by a gem expert on the basis of set parameters to access the quality of gemstone and announce whether the gemstone is authentic or fake. All gem sellers in market infertility do not offer a certificate with a gemstone.

Although, it is mandatory for a gem seller to give a gemstone certificate to its customer. But, not many gemstone sellers even pay attention toward issuing the certificate to their customers. Whereas issues online certificate along with its all gemstones.

Price fluctuations:

Few gem sellers have infiltrated in the market of gemstone selling with the purpose of making the profit. Therefore, they consistently fluctuate the price of gemstones in order to make the huge profit despite worried about the quality of the product.

Thus, considering all these above factors has decided to offer its dealership all over the world. Hence, it will prove a great opportunity for those individuals who want to earn some extra bucks and looking for a 2nd income option.

Why Choose? is a brand in itself; it has established its name in a market working with utmost sincerity and hard work from last four years in online gemstone business.  Hence, associating with the emerging venture will prove benevolent for you in all senses.

Zero Risk:

There is no risk attached while dealing with Since the company is offering its dealership at minimum cost and there is no risk involved at all and your money will not sink if you take dealership of

Furthermore, the company allows its dealers to work independently without any fear and never create the panic situation.


No Stock Maintenance: has a large inventory and its dealers have no need of maintaining gemstones stocks. They need only to take dealership of the company and display gemstones available on the online catalog.

And, as per the requirement and demand of customers or clients in their area they can request for the gemstones and 9Gem will provide gemstones in their area with as soon as possible.

Easy policies:

The dealership policy of is very easy and accessible.

In order to take dealership of the company, one needs to place a call on the following number +91-921611668.

For Registration:

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    Our team will then get in touch with you and explain you the Set up Process.

  2. What I have to do to get the dealership? Is there any cost involved in that? I want to do that as a part time job

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