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6 Most Famous Australian Gemstones

6 Most Famous Australian GemstonesAustralia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Not only Australia has got numerous popular tourist destinations but the country is also well-known for the rich deposits of Australian gemstones and minerals in its oceans and grounds.

Sapphires, rubies, jades, opals, diamonds, and pearls are some of the most notable gemstones that are mined in Australia. Plenty of people in Australia also have a hobby of collecting gemstones and if you are one of them, you can also purchase some of the best unpolished raw gems in this part of the world.

Here is a look at some Australian gemstones that enjoy widespread popularity in Australia.

Rubies (Australian Gemstones)

The ruby gemstone, also known as manik can be found at numerous locations in and around New South Wales, including spots like the New England area, Cudgegong Rivers, Macquarie, and Tumbarumba.

Rubies (Australian Gemstones)Gloucester has got the maximum deposits of rubies in Australia, along the drainage of Barrington volcano. The Barrington/Gloucester region is known for its rich deposits of rubies, sapphires, and gold. Along with rubies, pink sapphires can be found occasionally in New England.


Pearl gemstone has been commercially harvested in Australia since the 19th century. At one point in time most of the pearls came from Western Australia and Queensland. Nowadays high-quality South Sea pearls can be found in the northern waters of Australia.

PearlsPearls are now also harvested close to Darwin in the Northern Territory. Most of the pearls that are harvested in Australia are found in striking shades like gold, pink, cream, and silver. These pearls are extremely beautiful and can go well with a wide range of occasions.


Opals are widely held to be the national gemstone for the continent of Australia. The Opal stone symbolizes Australia in every possible way as far as the rich deposits of gems and minerals are concerned. More than 90% of opals in the world are harvested from Australia.

OpalDifferent varieties of opal can be found here in Australia. Some of the most notable variants of opals include matrix opals, boulder opals, crystal opals, black opals, and white opals. Lightning Ridge, Cuber Pedy, and Andamooka are known for their extensive resources of opals.

Plenty of the leading jewelry stores in Australia offer an extensive collection of opal jewelry in the forms of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants.

Diamonds (Australian Gemstones)

Diamonds are by far some of the most popular gemstones when it comes to engagement rings. Plenty of people love to wear diamonds in various other forms like earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

Diamonds (Australian Gemstones)Argyle diamond mine is a notable mine in Western Australia that is famed for diamond production. In fact, Argyle mine is the largest producer of diamonds by volume. Diamonds are often combined with opals to create stunning jewelry.


Along with opals, pearls, and diamonds, Australia is also a major producer of different types of sapphires. There was a time when Australia was the largest producer of sapphires in the world.

SapphiresHowever, over the years such a prestigious position was taken over by Madagascar. Currently, most of the sapphires in Australia are obtained from two primary fields in Queensland and New South Wales.

Blue sapphire is some of the most notable sapphire Australian gemstones found in Australia. The country also has rich resources of Parti Sapphires which combines both yellow and blue shades.


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