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4c’s To Verify The Real Gemstone

It is the very first and the most important information to determine whether the gemstone is worth its value or not? Let’s check a few of the most important factors that help you to check the stone. These are 4c’s to verify the real gemstone

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Color: Their color should be vibrant, even and saturated all through the complete stone. Unevenness in color shows that the gemstone is artificial and synthetic. Color can be described in terms of:

Hue of a gemstone is the foremost and secondary color visible in a stone.

The tone is the impression of the intensity of the color perceived by the eye.

Saturation is the purity and intensity of the hue present.

The more the color varies from more to less range in terms of vividness, lighter or darker, the more precious is the gemstone.

Cut: Color of the gemstone will only  enhance by a good cut, while a badly cut  gemstone can  turn out looking dull and lifeless. In gems, the deeper the cut, the deeper is the color.

Clarity: It should be checked first with the naked eye, then with 10X magnification to observe the inclusions or stains.


Gemstones are having 3 clarity types:

  1. Gemstones  without inclusions (i.e Aquamarine).
  2. Form with reasonable inclusions (i.e Ruby and Sapphire).
  3. Always found with inclusions (i.e Emerald)

Carat: Carat is the traditional unit of measurement for gemstones, which is equal to approximately 0.2 grams.

1 Carat = 200 Milligrams

Size and weight are the two different aspects of gemstones. Two different gemstones may have the same size but different weights, the reason being the specific gravity or density of the stone.

Check all these aspects before buying any gemstone especially for astrological benefits. If you are sure, then Choose Your precious gemstone Here and buy according to your convenience.

Converting Carats into Ratti gemstone

Gemstones are selling in the market in carats or rattis. Ratti is mainly using  in India for gemstone buying. Many people ask us about what is the difference between rattis and carats. Here I will explain how you can calculate the value of carats in milligrams and rattis.

1 Carat = 200 milligrams (mg)

1 Ratti = 120 mg (Small ratti)

One Carat = 1.6 Ratti

1 Ratti = 182.25 mg (Big ratti) used by some of the people in south India.



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