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What is Difference Between Real And Synthetic Gemstone?

How to Recognize an Real or Synthetic Gemstone?

At the earliest glimpse, you may not be able to make a difference between a real and synthetic gemstone. So you will need to look more closely at those signs.

Luster and shine:

Synthetic gems are more shiny and lustrous than real gemstones. Natural gemstones are naturally beautiful, without any treatments or enhancements reasons being real stones have been worn through weather and other forms of nature. A fake gemstone will have uneven luster and color.



Lab-created gems do not have inclusions as they are hidden or filled. Natural gemstones definitely will have some inclusions or birthmarks as a sign of their originality. A glass or synthetic gemstone can have tiny air bubbles inside or scratches on it.


Synthetic gemstones often weigh more than real ones due to the chemicals added to it to look real. Weight of gemstone depends on body weight of wearer. One should wear 1/10 of body weight of wearer.


The gemstone should be convincingly priced. If it is too inexpensive or too pricey, you need to be extra careful.

Still, have any suspicions about the stone being genuine, take it to a gemologist and have it checked. He will be proficient to notify if it is fake or authentic. Even in the market, certified gemstones are also available with unheated and untreated features as well.


Also, check the clarity and color as discussed above. Take a fine look and observe the gemstone closely before buying.

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