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10 Popular Engagement Ring Trends & Styles 2018

In recent seasons, modern brides-to-be have started showing a selective taste when it comes to engagement rings’ unusual shapes, colorful stones, unique settings, and so forth. The classics will always be the classics, but what can those who crave the unexpected expect in an engagement ring in 2018? There’s a lot of talk about engagements—from the high-profile engagement of the royal couple.

An engagement ring is more than just a sparkling show of affection to blissfully admire on your ring finger anytime you, please. Kim says she noticed a recent shift toward stone cuts that considered unusual for bridal jewelry, such as trillion, marquise, and pear shapes. The same goes for stone types, as gray diamonds started to emerge as a trend.

“Brides aren’t necessarily pulling away from tradition, but more so are making tradition their own,” explains Basra. Among the top engagement ring styles shopped for at Barneys New York right now: multiple bands, colored stones, portrait-cut stones, antique and vintage rings, and a mix of metals.“We’re in a time when women can express their individuality with all of their choices, especially their jewelry,” Basra notes.

Trends that can describe as “unexpected” for engagement rings represent a shift towards uniqueness and craftsmanship, as opposed to tradition. When you are picking something unique to you, or that perhaps you customize to your liking, it will remain a sound ring choice. You’ll never feel like it, tied to a moment in time.

10 Engagement Ring Trends :

If you’re getting engage this year, you’re probably analyzing all the new engagement ring trends popping up for 2018.  Buying an engagement ring is a major decision. Here, look at the 10 Most popular engagement and wedding rings in 2018

10 Popular Wedding Ring Trends-9Gem
10 Popular Wedding Ring Trends-9Gem

If you’re drawn to an unusual ring, but worry about your taste changing down the road, you have options. “If you want to go back to something traditional, its always easy to reset the stone. It will have your ring look completely different and more traditional,” adds Basra.

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